Orbovoid Records is a small underground metal record label that believes in quality over quantity and supporting good music with an honest approach. Devoting attention to its roster Orbovoid Records promotes and distributes physical releases for bands that have passion for music. OR spawned from the non-profit promotional platform 'Deadliest Metal Promotions', which has supported underground metal bands since 2011 and continues to do so.

Thanks go out to  Vulture/Offermoord for granting the use of his artwork to make the logo.


Orbovoid Records packages its CDs as best it can for postage using a combination of bubble wrap and cardboard to safeguard the package during shipping but once it is submitted to the postal service it is their responsibility to handle it responsibly until final delivery. TIP: In case of a traditional 'mailbox' opening in your front door place a pillow or two on the floor to soften impact of falling.



Bands are invited to send their music, however we will only contact you or respond if we are interested. Every submission is taken into review but only if done in the correct format: Only send Bandcamp or YouTube links, do NOT send attachments or .mp3 files.

If  possible, send other relevant information like, for example, the metal-archives.com page of your band.

Prefix e-mail subject line with 'SUBMISSION - [Band Name]'.


Orbovoid Records believes in honest cooperation with artists which is why the label splits profits fifty-fifty, straight down the middle. You can find an example of the draft contract here.